Clin d'Oeil TV appearance for The Hair Clinic.
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State of the art technology has combined with the precision wig-making techniques to create the world's finest hand-crafted wigs..... So natural looking we dared to name them Second Scalp Wigs.
To emulate nature's own design, each hair strand is individually inserted by hand into a patented silky sheer micro thin monofilament lace base, in a freestyle pattern.
Single hair insertion makes each hair strand look as though it were growing from your scalp. Freestyle hair insertion yields unprecedented styling flexibility, allowing the hair to be parted anywhere and in any direction.
The revolutionary front hairline of Second Scalp Wigs incorporates Translucent Dermalens Technology for virtually limitless hairstyles.
Scalp wigs are made of soft stretchable materials for utmost comfort and a perfect fit, avoiding the pressure and irritation caused by ordinary wigs.
Second Scalp wigs are available in both 100% Human Indo-European Remy Hair, or state of the art Hairlon Synthetic Fibers.
Second Scalp Wigs: Hand-crafted master hairpieces, found exclusively at The Hair Clinic.