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Volumising Hairpiece

Hair Volume Enhancers at The Hair Clinic
Several hormonal changes occur during a woman's life, and some of these may be accompanied with mild to moderate or even significant hair loss.
Such thinning hair patterns are usually inherited from parents, or close relatives, & may be evident in a mother, or an aunt. Occasionally thinning hair patterns may occur earlier in life, with the hormonal fluctuations of puberty, or of a pregnancy.
The first step is to see your family physician who may prescribe a medication which might slow down the rate of hair loss. If medical treatment is not satisfactory, there are several hair alternatives which may better fulfill your needs.
The Hair Clinic carries a wide variety of human hair complements such as Volume Enhancers, Integration Systems, & Volumising Extensions. They discretely add volume & density to restore your hair to a natural fuller appearance.
In some women, hair loss may progress to a more serious extent. In these cases Non-Surgical Grafting may be required, depending on the hair density desired.
For more information or a free consultation, call one of our caring specialists, or just drop in at our Crescent Street location.
The Hair Clinic has a wide variety of volumising systems including Volume Enhancers, Integration Units, and Volumising Extensions. The Hair Clinic carries a multitude of volumising systems in stock, or can custom make them just for you.
Volume Enhancers For Full And Healthy Hair
Most women have to deal with hair loss at some time in their life or the other on account of hormonal fluctuations. Some women, unfortunately, suffer from hair loss at different phases in their life. If your hair has thinned out tremendously then you definitely need to address the problem without delay. We have the perfect solution for your thinned out hair; you’ll love the high quality human hair volumisers that we offer.
A volumising hairpiece is a very simple way to give your hair a thicker appearance. You can choose a human hair volumiser extension that matches your own hair’s color and texture so that the overall effect is extremely natural looking.
In case you have suffered from extreme hair loss, then Non-Surgical Grafting might be the best option for you. This costs more than getting extensions fitted, but the result is far more lasting and realistic looking.
Walk into our hair clinic in order to have our hair specialists assess your situation and advise you regarding the most suitable hair volumiser option for you. We also offer custom-made volumizers that match your requirements perfectly. The right hair volumizer will ensure that your hair looks glamorous and healthy without requiring a great deal of effort.