EZ Fusion Tape Extensions
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Tape on Extensions

EZ Fusion is a revolutionary new hair extension system in a class of its own.
EZ Fusion simply folds & tapes-on in a snap.
EZ Fusion stays on for up to 3 months, & is reusable up to 4 times!
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Tape On Extensions – Beautiful Hair Without Any Effort
Our tape on extensions are a bestseller because they are versatile and incredibly easy to use. You can choose from an incredible array of color options available so that you get extensions that suit your personality and lifestyle best.
Our tape on extensions can be fitted very quickly and they stay on for at least 3 months. You do have to ensure that they are maintained properly. What’s more, you can use them 4 more times. As you can see, our high quality tape on extensions offer you great value for money.
All our hair extensions are manufactured with the same attention to detail and they are made up of high quality ingredients. It is therefore no surprise that you will definitely enjoy using them. In fact, these hair extensions will quickly become your favorite beauty accessory since you’ll be able to try out a whole lot of different looks with the help of them.
Natural Beauty With Tape On Extensions
You’ll look naturally beautiful thanks to our hair extensions since they are difficult to tell apart from your own hair. They tape on really firmly and will stick on for a very long time.
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