The Hair Clinic respects your Privacy.
The Hair Clinic understands the intimate nature of your hair concerns, and respects the importance of your privacy during a consultation.
To adress this issue, The Hair Clinic has created 5 private styling rooms to ensure utmost comfort & discretion.
Our qualified hair consultants will always respect your special needs, as well as any further privacy requests you may have.
Turn yourself into a glam doll in minutes, with our exquisite range of wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces. Made from the finest quality hair, they offer the perfect way for a stunning image makeover. Leave everyone floored with flowing, luscious and thick hair.
The best part about the collection at Hair Clinic is now discreetly the wigs fit. No one would be able to find out the secret. We also perfectly understand the need for privacy. We respect every customer’s need for privacy when they drop in for consultation with hair concerns.
We have exclusive private styling rooms, equipped with all that is needed to help you try out from our amazing variety of human hair wigs. Whatever may be the reason for you trying out a wig, whether it is just for fun or due to hair loss due to health reasons, you can rest assured that we will offer the right solution to you, and that too in complete privacy.
We use the finest quality hair to make our wigs. Every strand of hair is chosen with great care. This ensures a completely natural looking hair extensions and wigs that would fit comfortably and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.