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Medical Wigs

A diagnosis of Cancer can be a psychologically challenging event but often one of the most difficult issues to address is the fear of Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia. The hair loss associated with chemotherapy can be an unrelenting reminder of your battle with cancer. The role of high quality hair replacement takes on critical importance in easing the fear of losing your hair.
The Hair Clinic understands the importance of your hair and your appearance. A high quality hairpiece, at an affordable price can help make the burden of a cancer diagnosis a little easier to bear. "Getting your hair back", with the help of a very natural hairpiece, will afford you the luxury to forget about cancer, for a little while.
The Hair Clinic carries a complete line of specialised Medical Hair Replacements called Second Scalp Oncologic Image Enhancers. Second Scalp hairpieces are especially designed for hair loss caused by chemotherapy, and help enhance body image & esthetic appeal during the difficult treatment period. Second Scalp wigs are made of soft stretchable materials for utmost comfort and a perfect fit, avoiding the pressure and irritation caused by ordinary wigs.
Call one of our caring Oncology Associates at The Hair Clinic at 514-848-6185 for a free consultation. We'll make you look good so you can feel better about yourself & let the chemotherapy help your body heal itself & win the battle against Cancer.
Medical Wigs To Help Regain A Healthy Look
Cancer is truly a formidable enemy to deal with, but it becomes even harder on the patient when the treatment results in hair loss. We have the perfect range of medical wigs to bring emotional succor to a person who is battling with cancer and has hair loss brought upon by chemotherapy.
Using a medical wig has more than just cosmetic value because it can also strengthen the resolve of a cancer survivor by making the person look and feel as normal and healthy as possible. In fact, you can find the best medical wigs Montreal offers at our store and you’ll be really pleased at how affordable they are.
Our medical wigs are different from the ones used for purely cosmetic reasons because they are made with the needs of cancer patients in mind. They are made of extremely high quality materials that fit perfectly on the scalp without causing any irritation to it.
Please get in touch with us for the best possible medical wigs in case you have started to experience chemotherapy induced hair loss. We will be glad to offer you a free consultation in order to understand your needs exactly and offer you a customized solution so that your fight against cancer becomes a little bit easier to bear.