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Human Hair Pieces

The Hair Clinic offers you many different types of hairpieces from monofilament to lace.
We adapt our hairpieces to your lifestyle with a full range of attachments, from clip-on to fully bonded hairpieces.
Your privacy is assured with 5 private styling rooms, where your new hair is cut utilising new geometric techniques for perfect integration & the latest hairstyles.
The Hair Clinic carries a full range of top quality Hair Pieces for Men & Women.
The Hair Clinic also creates extremely natural custom-made hairpieces, with top quality sheer materials, hand-grafted one hair at a time with 100% Indo-European Remy Human Hair.
All of our custom hairpieces are perfectly moulded to the balding area of your scalp. Your hair is matched for length, color, texture & wave. The hair is hand-grafted, one hair at a time to follow the angle, pattern and direction of implantation of your own hair.
The Hair Clinic is also proud to offer you the unique Non-Surgical Graft. This revolutionary new method involves grafting 100% Human Hair, one hair at a time into "follicles" on a micro-thin, ultrasheer polymer "skin".
This micro-porous new "skin" is then bonded to your scalp. Non-Surgical Grafts are fully watertight, permitting swimming & showering.
Human Hair Pieces For A Naturally Youthful Look
Are you troubled on account of your rapidly thinning hair? You’ll be glad to know that we offer you a simple and effective solution to your problem. Our human hair pieces enable you to regain your youthful looks naturally. Our customers include ladies and gentlemen alike because we offer the best products that suit them.
You’ll be amazed at the variety of human hairpieces we offer, ranging from clip-on hairpieces to fully bonded ones and ones made of lace or microfilament; you’ll therefore be able to choose one that suits your lifestyle, appearance and budget perfectly. We understand that each of our customers has a unique requirement and so we also sell custom-created human hair pieces.
Each customized human hairpiece made by us stands out on account of the:
  • High quality 100% REMY human hair sourced from India
  • Painstaking process of hand-grafting each individual hair
  • Perfect match with the angle of the customer’s own hair
  • We also offer the option of a Non-Surgical Graft by which hair is grafted onto a special polymer which is then bonded to the scalp. Since this polymer is water resistant, you can even go swimming whilst wearing it.
    Do get in touch with us to find out about our entire range of human hair piece options. We will be glad to offer you a solution that meets your needs perfectly.