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Clip on Extensions

Get Gorgeous Locks Instantly with our Clip On Extensions
If you’ve always wished to have thick and long hair then we have the perfect answer to your needs. You can use our clip on extensions to get the exact kind of hair you have always wanted. Our extensions can be used if:
  • Your own hair is scanty
  • You are currently growing out your short hair and you want to skip the awkward transition phase
  • You want a glamorous new look for a special occasion
  • Versatile and Long Lasting Hair Extensions
    We offer our extensions in so many lengths, thicknesses and colors that you’ll have no problem at all in finding one that brings out your beauty in the best possible manner. Since out products are hand crafted using high quality materials, they last very long and are also very easy to maintain. They have high quality clips that grip the hair tightly without damaging the scalp or causing any discomfort. You can buy them singly or in sets, depending on how thick or long you want your hair to look.
    You’ll enjoy wearing our lovely clip on extensions because they are easy to use and are virtually indistinguishable from your own hair if they are worn correctly.
    Do get in touch with us for a free consultation to find out which clip on extensions look best on you.
    Call 514-848-6185 for your no obligation free consultation.