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Cancer Wigs

More often than not chemotherapy induced Alopecia , resulting in hair loss , often subjects those being treated for cancer to further psychological stress. The hair loss continues to constantly remind them of their battle with cancer. Fortunately, there is a solution available in the form of our collection of cancer wigs, which can at last help in easing out your fear of losing hair.
We have a vast line up of wigs for cancer patients made from high quality 100% human hair. Our range of specialized cancer wigs known as “Second Scalp” hair pieces come in a variety of sizes, lengths and styles to suit different needs.
These second scalp hair pieces are specially designed for hair loss caused due to chemotherapy. The attention to detail can be seen in every single strand of hair in a cancer wig. In fact, it is this attention to even the minute details that has made us synonymous with cancer wigs Montreal.
We understand your special needs and that any of our wigs for cancer, would vouch for the high quality standards. These wigs for cancer are made up of soft and stretchable material that fit snugly and do not cause any kind of discomfort, which is so often the case with ordinary, poor quality wigs.